Thursday, 20 June 2013

lessons of a rainy day

1) When 'dancing in the rain' wear a black thick t shirt with an iron on of a skull and crossed bones, or a random car will honk at you and call you madonaaaaaa.

2) If in a splash war with cousins make sure your slippers are sturdy and well yours, otherwise it will fly to the middle of the road or worse you will.

3) Make sure the stage of 'the funs and the frolicks' is away from trees which grow dangerous fruits (u know the kind that fall on you and give you a minor skull injury), for instance mango, papaya or coconut.

4) Do not include in 'the funs and the frolicks' any one who will go- "mummmmaaeeee didi mujh par pani daliiiiii :''''( ".

5) If instead of 'doing the dances' in the rain if you have decided (like an irritating bobo) to curl up with a good book and coffee make sure the window you sit next to is closed. Innocent bystanders should not be blamed if some creepy crawly organism jumps at you to avoid the rain.

6) Also the most important one- if and when you start coughing DO NOT glance up at your mother or any relatives unless you want to watch them morphing  into slytherin's monster. just subtly sneak some pakodas into your pocket and escape before the classics- "act your age" and "aur bheego barish mai"  begin playing

Happy monsoon to anyone reading this, though if you are reading this after mosoons are over - happy random day :) 

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