Saturday, 29 June 2013


 I have never seen or experienced anything as soul suckingly hectic.

First the build up to it. For 2 months the children and parents bite their nails and pray to god (oh god results! Oh god the cut of lists! Oh dear lord my father my saviour the admissions!!!) this is when god probably gets a migraine. Oh and if anyone is reading this and you are a relative of someone giving boards here is a tip please do not call to ask about marks if they are great we will call you, they are marks not information on how to get to hogwarts, prioritize and calm the heck down.

Worst foreplay ever

Then comes the time of the admissions *ominous music- dun dun duuunnnn

It starts with the battle cry of THE CUT OFF LISTS ARE OUT!! Gates are pushed open and a sea of screaming parents and kids charge the battlefields.

There are parents shouting at the volunteers about the extra conditions, they push aside the other kids (healthy competition)and anyone who made the mistake to stand in their path (whai parents whai? this is a college not kurukshetra) and there are already lines being formed in the office’s. How did that even happen the process literally just started what is that line of?? Oh some other course the results of which were announced yesterday. Perfect such a good idea to add more people to the hysterical sweaty chaos.

There are lines for everything first get into the line of the dept you want to get admission of, confirm you have got the admission go back and attach or detach the particular documents fill the necessary forms, next get in line again for 2 more hours to submit document. Go to some other room get in line for another form, fill the form in then once more get in line for 2 hours and submit it. a friendly point out to the sweltering, sidewalks are hot enough to melt rubber heat, thank you for your presence in this process (bottle up the fits of rage).

 Have u survived? Wonderful! We have for the winner the fee submission line *sarcastic applause* if you somehow manage to pay the fees and get the slip the same day… salutations my friend now go back up there and get in that line to submit it like a trooper. Congratulations you have got the admission to your safety course in your safety college. Now lay in wait for the 2nd list to come out, so you can repeat the whole process again to some other college closer to your choice.

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