Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Decibel-Ear Incompatibity

What is this obsession with noise? Everything has to be loud, loud music, loud horns, loud bikes, the #$@*ing bikes with the murdered silencer; I will throw a brick in your bikes face the next time I hear that ungodly sound (breathing heavily)… oh right the list - firecrackers, marriages with their band, dj, patake; I mean I get it, fits your happy day encouraging ecstatic-ism, but why do you want to make the ears, of your entire city bleed (very little exaggeration).

I am not even going to get into how bad all that noise is for our cognitive functioning and our emotional states (or how bad the music is). I’m just going to point out a behavior which is a result of this cacophony. The nonstop talking; you know the people that just won’t stop talking; they could give a 23 minute speech on brushing their teeth that morning. It’s as if being quite gives them a sense of failure like it scares them. Their boggart would turn into their own images with gags on, ridikulus! Asking them to be quite or softer is such a hugely offensive thing its equal to calling a girl fat. Yes this is about specific people and yes this is a rant. Which means it’s totally pointless

 Wait found a point: appreciation - it did make me feel especially moved by the sunset today- complete silence except the flutter of wings, ruffling leaves in the gentle wind and a few stray cars. The warmth of the sun on my toes and fingers, just breathing. Man that was beautiful. It is what I’m holding onto in the company of the specific people that and this cathartic ranting... ohmmmm 

Question - how is the noisy world and people who are obnoxiously loud related? Answer- well I see it as the environment affecting the individual if all you hear is noise and not a moment of pure silence I assume the unknown will scare you, right? Or I could just be seeing connections where there are none their only link being all of those things annoy me. We will never know.

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