Monday, 10 March 2014

Tussi jaa re oo, tussi na jao.

My best friend told me she is moving permanently to the other side of the world for education and job purposes

What I felt:-

NOOOOOOO!!! Why? What’s the need? Why can’t she do whatever it is she wants to do here? Why wasn’t I informed when this plan was in the making so I could sabotage it? Why are u leaving me? Does she know how cold it is out there and there are bears in that part of the world its effing dangerous... what if there is an avalanche? *so much crying on the inside.

What was happening:-

Her- so that’s why I think it would be a great opportunity


Her- my mother, father, and brother will all move there in august

Me- !!!!!!

Her- I’m really excited and nervous could you help me prepare

Me-..... sure .....

Her- oh thank god! I was worried about how u would respond

Me- hum hahaha (nervously laughing cause has no response)

Her- ok then we will talk later, bye.

Me- baa baa black sheep have u any wool 

Phooo that was heavy. Big world isn’t it? People migrate for various reasons job, studies, even in search of a better life. I’ve been on both sides of this spectrum I’ve been the *movee and the *wavee (the person who waves at people going away). Neither is easy both require a lot of adjusting and late night skyping to get you through it.

 The movee has to adjust to new schools, hospitals, climate, food and mostly the people; each region will have a different culture and that culture difference will mould a people who are distinct from you and similar to you in many ways. As the movee it has been a fascinating journey of exploration and learning, I even seem to have a more understanding approach to people than those persons who have lived in one place for their whole lives (personal observation no empirical data to support it). However being a wavee is much harder you can’t call that person at any time of the day there is a fixed time zone, you won’t understand the new dialect or the new references, sharing gets cut short, updates are through facebook and occasional chatting. But you do get cool stuff of the region they are in right now. Still the cons are a lot, thus my understandable distress (whahahaha – me crying)

What I felt after an hour of ice cream and yelling at tourism sites –

Well she is happy, and she would definitely and easily fit in. As would her family. She won’t be alone and the opportunity actually is amazing. So even though it is terribly hard for me it’s going to be a great thing for her. Also stuff there is pretty cheap and awesome so I would get a lot of really cool things! I could visit her there; I would have a place to stay for free (I am so cheap)!! . Yes I suppose I could get used to this idea.

*Emotions on a roller coaster- Zoom whoop AAAAA Woah woo woo!

Moral of the story- ice cream gives you perspective and balance so eat ice cream everyone.

Ps- movee and wavee new words you can try at home kids!!



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