Saturday, 12 September 2015

Online Fantasy Worlds

Making this post because I discovered these gems quite late and they are awesome for any fantasy/fiction/supernatural buffs out there.

The first is the web series Carmilla, based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella. No I haven't read it, didn't even know what it was till I started watching the series but if anyone is interested they can always see the synopsis on Wikipedia. The format of the show is narrative, the writing is brilliant and the actors don't miss a beat. There are currently 3 seasons online and soon there will be a movie!! All hail the Giant Angler fish God. #creampuffs

The fandom of this series is amazing, they create beautiful artwork, comic strips and write fanfiction's, insightful headcanon's etc based on the episodes and it really helps with the withdrawal and impatience one feel's while waiting for the next one.
There are many things to love about this; the relationships, characters, story arcs. What deserves special mention is the way the creator of the series handles sexuality (bisexual, gay, lesbian) in the same vein as we see straight relationships treated in mainstream media, it was quite refreshing to watch that. The fast-paced writing with pop culture references tempered with news from the Silas universe which is a wonderfully weird place. I can keep going on but you can judge it yourself. please go check it out

The Second is a podcast called "Welcome to Night Vale" this is set up as a radio show in (surprise) Night vale. Which is a very normal town with hooded figures, broken corners, glow clouds, shapes that must not be named and ongoing sentences. However, the "government" of that land is oppressive, forces people to ignore the evil staring them in the face, distracts people with nonexistent water parks in the middle of the desert; horror and human death are dealt with total nonchalance. The bizarreness of this nonchalance is, in my opinion, a really wonderful commentary on real world affairs.It has many layers if one cares to examine them.
 Come for the fantasy, stay for Carlos's hair. I listen to these on youtube here is the link

  these can also be found on iTunes and SoundCloud.

These are the two I'm into right now. I hope they bring everyone as much joy as they brought me.

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