Tuesday, 8 September 2015

True Magic

New books new books!!! I am so happy!

I always ask for books as Rakhi presents, birthday presents, basically for any type of gift giving exercise. Because of this people start to think I'm so mature, intellectual and being such a good sister/person by not asking for expensive, random stuff. People listen to me, one books are very expensive which is why I always have a wishlist that I'm ready to whip out at any occasion where people offer to buy me presents. It's not nice it's slightly crazy. As for being intellectual, hahaha right, I read fiction and comedy it's not a source of information it's a method of immersion and escape.

Oh my God everyone new books! the joy can never be communicated no matter how many exclamation points I use. Actually, if I use too many it conjures an image of an overstimulated, sugar-hopped, hyperactive kid which image doesn't accurately describe the emotions. It's more like one chocolate pastry, one cup coffee, a quiet sunset on the beach while hearing the waves crashing about. I wonder if putting the feelings in pictures helped. 

So I got the 'Lord of the ring's' series which I haven't read yet, the 'cousin o Dwyer' series by Nora Roberts (huge fan of her) and 'Ashoka' by Wytze Keuning. I had actually started reading Ashoka and was having my mind blown with every page but I stopped for exams and then... lost the book, been kicking myself about it ever-since. It is such an amazing book. I hope a lot of people read it, love it and are enriched by it. Phew, now that my excitement is on the Internet, therefore real, onto the marathon book reading session.

“but for my own part, if a book is well written, I always find it too short.” 
― Jane Austen
Inserting a quote by a famous author to appear smarter.

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