Saturday, 20 July 2013

Letters, Rituals and Alsatians.

This is so much fun. Every year for raksha bandhan me and my sister write letters to all our brothers. Do we know them? Do they want it? Can they read? Irrelevant questions.

 The letter is basically 5% information about what’s going on in our lives 2% inquiry on what’s going on in theirs and 93% essay on a random topic nobody else will talk to us about. We have written about teddy bears, cold medicine, meera bai, diwali lights just anything really. I think I wrote a poem about Alsatians once, wonder which poor guy got that. 

Letter writing is fun its personal, if you have something awesome to tell someone no one is there to interrupt and make you forget it, you can rant on and on and be completely annoying but no one is there to yell at you to shut up. You can talk about awkward stuff which you wouldn't be able to tell in person (chachi that super expensive vase that broke for which you scolded my younger cousin bro yea that was me),  you can finally tell off the mean booger face cousin who is stronger than you and always snatches the remote (you have the face of a donkey, personality of a dung beetle and your brain is size of a toad wart). The last one is assuming  you are far away and he can’t retaliate.

All this my irritating yet awesome brothers bear year after year to them I say you are very lucky to have sisters like us (2 thumbs up) and please don’t hold back in your gift giving we also accept cheques. Kidding, well 20% kidding, still you guys rock.

 Early Happy Rakshabandhan wishes to everyone. May the force be with you, live long and prosper.

ode to Sandy the Alsatian
you are brown black and yellow
Colors that don’t usually jello,
Growling and wagging your tail u walk down my lane
Like scrooge mc duck having to shop without a sale,
If you are ever off your leash we will run helter skelter
Like we are being chased by voldemort and darth vader,
So we climb our roofs cause dogs cant climb ladders
And watch u pass by as with your eyes you shoot daggers.
(inspired by the song ladki kamal dekho aakhiyon se goli maare)

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