Friday, 10 January 2014

No zen

Did you know that if you have missed your flight, you're not allowed to leave the terminal till someone from the airline signs you out and if they are not available well you can sit there and introspect on how you finally reached this milestone.

To clarify-I had 2 flights on the same day and because of crazy incidents with the first, I couldn't make the second.

All I have to say is that people are annoying just very annoying. This person took my bag from the baggage claim and left before realizing it wasn't theirs. In that space of one hour When i couldn't find my bag my mind was playing every cheesy sad song it could remember *jag suna suna lage, yahi ant ki shuruat hai, why this kolaveri di. A playlist i didn't know existed in my brain.

My reaction to this entire incident was- dread, panic, and anger basically no evolved actualization moments at all. This is what i was introspecting when there was no staff at the terminal to escort me out. why am i so unbalanced?

Though in the end i did get to spend 2 awesome days at my friends place with my sister, we ate junk food, watched dragon riders of berk and roamed the city meeting other friends of mine there, so it was pretty cool.

Moral of the story if you miss your flight make sure its in a city where you have a couch you can crash on and lots of amazing friends

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